Taunton Liver Specialist speaking at Chicago Conference

Dr Tim Jobson, a Liver Specialist at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, and Clinical Director of Predictive Health Intelligence, presented new research findings at Digestive Disease Week 2023, an international conference in Chicago.

Dr Jobson represented Predictive Health Intelligence and is the senior author for two presentations:

His registrar Dr John Creamer addressed the conference discussing why young adults are at increased risk of chronic liver disease and how we can take proactive action to find them before they develop advanced liver disease. Dr Jobson presented a poster looking at how we can use a case finding approach to identify patients at risk of admission with advanced liver disease, and intervene to prevent life threatening disease and lengthy admissions to hospital. .

Dr Jobson said: “It is a great privilege to be at this prestigious conference, where specialists from across the globe are meeting to discuss how we can work together to help those with liver disease.   Liver disease is the third biggest cause of premature death in working age people in the UK but if we find people early in the disease, using the approach and technology that I am speaking about this week, we can stop it developing.”

Neil Stevens, Managing Director of PHI said: “At PHI we are passionate about ending the late diagnosis of liver disease.  It is a tragedy that we so often don’t see patients until their disease is advanced and there are few treatment options left.  90% of liver conditions can be treated if caught early and the products we are developing at PHI, in partnership with the Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, will help us to find people before symptoms develop.”



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