hepatoSIGHTTM for researchers

Improve liver disease research by quickly identifying suitable cohorts of patients.

Speed up recruitment

Find patients who might be suitable for your clinical trials in liver disease with a simple search.

Find the right patients

Identify patients with specific hepatic phenotypes, including in rare disease, reducing screen failure rates.

Conduct efficient research

With the right patients identified, you can conduct your clinical trial more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Lead in quality research.

Liver disease is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Research in hepatology is impeded by costly and timely identification of the right patient cohorts and difficulty in progressing past the initial phases.

Globally, over 80% of trials fail to hit their enrolment timelines. This means the lifesaving research into treatments and diagnostics is delayed. hepatoSIGHTTM quickly and easily finds the patients you need in your trial.

Research efficiently.

hepatoSIGHTTM is a case-finding search engine that enables researchers to identify populations of patients who may have liver disease, quickly, and easily. The system takes existing blood test results and uses simple yet powerful filters to find who is most likely to develop a liver disease.

This gives researchers the ability to quickly and cost-effectively identify specific cohorts of patients who might be eligible for recruitment into trials. Speeding up life-saving research into liver disease, and ensuring treatments and diagnostics get to market faster.

See how hepatoSIGHTTM can help you.

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