A case finding search engine that enables quick identification of those at risk of liver disease using existing blood test results.


An easy-to-use solution requiring minimal training so the entire healthcare team can use it.


Interrogate data on hundreds of thousands of patients, creating manageable cohorts for intervention in seconds.


Configurable to your specific needs and outcomes with thresholds to improve the targeting of patients.

How it works

We take a data extract from your local system including blood tests, deprivation indices, and appointment information going back over many years.

We then cleanse and curate the data ready for your use.

Use pre-defined or novel “filters” to set your search criteria and thresholds.

hepatoSIGHTTM allows swift and detailed risk stratification based on a wide variety of blood tests, calculated results, and trends over time, providing significantly increased power of detection compared to single point in time approaches. The Odds Ratio for detection of liver disease >181.

Save, adapt and re-run searches at any time.

Once identified, cohorts of patients can be stored within the system and accessed through a simple interface. Upload additional bespoke data to improve case-matching.

People at risk of disease are identified, even before symptoms.

Patients can be called in for further testing, diagnosis and early intervention where needed.

Finding disease early.

hepatoSIGHTTM is a case-finding search engine that enables clinicians to identify those at risk of liver disease quickly and easily.

It is an intuitive, secure system that rapidly risk stratifies the population and identifies individuals who will benefit from intervention. It is also an effective tool for identifying cohorts of patients for potential enrollment in research studies.

Saving lives.

hepatoSIGHTTM helps doctors find liver disease earlier.

This means they can begin to take action early when treatments are most effective.

See how hepatoSIGHTTM can help you.

Book a demo with our team to learn how hepatoSIGHTTM can seamlessly help identify liver disease early, improving patient outcomes.
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