hepatoSIGHTTM for patients

hepatoSIGHTTM helps doctors find liver disease earlier, saving lives.

Liver disease is common

Liver disease is a major cause of illness and premature death. It affects around one in nine people, including people who don’t consume alcohol. It is estimated to cost the NHS £6bn a year.

Liver disease is treatable

The liver has an amazing ability to heal, it can even grow back sections. The key is finding problems early and getting people on treatments as soon as possible. Lifestyle changes are sometimes all it takes to improve your liver health.

Liver disease is often silent

Liver disease usually doesn’t show symptoms until serious damage has already happened, making early diagnosis and treatment challenging. The signs of early liver disease are often hidden in routine test results.

Finding liver disease early.

Thanks to a new technology called hepatoSIGHTTM, we can help doctors spot the signs of early liver disease hidden within existing test results going back many years.

By proactively finding people likely to have liver disease before symptoms develop, doctors can intervene earlier and save lives.

Protecting patient privacy.

hepatoSIGHTTM uses existing test results in new ways to save lives. Patient privacy is of the utmost importance, which is why we never receive any patient medical data.

Test results remain within and the property of the health system they came from. Patients will only ever be contacted by their healthcare professional when a review might be helpful.

Don't wait for liver disease symptoms to develop.

Ask your doctor about hepatoSIGHTTM.

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