[Blog] Patient Reference Group – New Year Update

Predictive Health Intelligence exists to keep people healthy.  Our mission is to find people who might be at risk of developing liver disease and then stopping its progression.  By careful use of our hepatoSIGHT product, we can discern patterns in blood tests going back 20 years.  We can then give specific advice and treatment to people who have no symptoms, but who can be seen to be at risk due to their test history.  Once people have been identified, their clinicians can give specific advice and treatments often before symptoms have developed.

So, while we are a technology-enabled company, hepatoSIGHT is all about people and their health. It is important that people remain at the very centre of what we do; to guide our thinking, challenge our ideas and help discover the future.

That is why last year we set up and recruited a Public and Patient Reference Group (PRG) for the company.  Our PRG is a group of 12 people from very different walks of life.  Some would describe themselves as health activists, who spend a lot of their time involved in health services and initiatives.  Others are past patients as well as potential patients.  Others still are simply members of the public, interested in what we are doing at PHI.

The group now meets every two months to get an update from our Clinical Lead Dr Tim Jobson and then discuss hepatoSIGHT – gathering new ideas and new ways to consider how we develop the technology, how we communicate with patients, and how we increase awareness of our work across the NHS.

The group recently spent time reviewing the letter we send out to people who we think will benefit from a review of their liver health – a key part of the process since the letter will be a surprise to most recipients.  By having the PRG review the language we use, we can improve the way we reassure and encourage people to attend clinic appointments.

The group helps us consider how we prioritise the demands we face:  where do we focus our efforts to make sure we are helping as many people as we can? How can we improve how we promote the great benefits that hepatoSIGHT brings?  And we are now utilising the peer networks of our PRG members to help improve our communications.

The group is becoming a key part of the PHI company and meetings will be held throughout 2023.

If you would like to be part of it, or just come to one meeting to see what it’s all about, please contact mark.wall@predictivehealthintelligence.co.uk



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