hepatoSIGHTTM for health systems

Improve public health with early identification of those at highest risk of liver disease.

Lead in liver care

Provide industry leading proactive care for your liver patients.

Best use of resources

Reduce the burden of late-stage disease by addressing the population’s need, in the most appropriate setting.

Reduce expenditure

Reduce expenditure whilst improving outcomes, using existing test results.

Better patient outcomes.

Liver disease is increasing in prevalence, costing the NHS over £6bn annually. Early identification of those at the highest risk of liver disease enables interventions to be used at the stage when they are most effective, improving patient care and outcomes.

hepatoSIGHTTM gives healthcare systems the power to easily and quickly see which patients could be at risk and enables them to be seen as early as possible.

Improved efficiency.

hepatoSIGHTTM enables healthcare systems to provide care for liver patients in the most appropriate setting. It is designed to seamlessly fit into clinical workflows.

Our approach means better use of limited resources, less pressure on emergency services and a reduction in the need for more costly interventions such as transplants.

See how hepatoSIGHTTM can help you.

Book a demo with our team to learn how hepatoSIGHTTM can seamlessly help you improve public health and liver disease care.
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