How can Predictive Health Intelligence help patients?

Imagine a world in which you didn’t go to the doctor but the doctor came to you. 

A world in which the vital signs of what’s going on in your body, available from the routine blood tests you’ve provided over the years, were analysed as a matter of course.

Where data that has for too long sat unnoticed in healthcare IT systems was joined together to tell the whole story, giving doctors the evidence they need to treat more patients in good time.

Where silent, stealthy, life-threatening conditions were stopped in their tracks in time for simple and cost-effective treatment. Conditions like non-alcoholic liver disease that often have no symptoms.

For decades, liver disease has been one of the major causes of premature death in the UK. It affects one in nine of the population and kills 26,000 people before their time, costing the NHS £6bn a year.

But no more.

Thanks to a pioneering partnership between expert clinicians, specialists in healthcare IT, and the National Health Service, liver disease will no longer be able to lurk in the shadows.

Thanks to the new HepatoSIGHT case-finding search engine from Predictive Health Intelligence, doctors can now review all the blood test results of patients in their area, simply and straightforwardly identifying those who may be at risk.

Using an intuitive interface that’s as easy to use as Rightmove or AirBnB, they can reduce unnecessary illness and at the same time start to change how healthcare is delivered.

So instead of you going to the doctor, patients should get used to the doctor coming to them.

If you have been contacted by Somerset NHS Foundation Trust in relation to this project and want to find out more click here.

Dr Tim Jobson

Why did we set up Predictive Health Intelligence?

We believe it’s better to prevent someone from becoming ill than to attempt to cure them. That’s why we’ve created our case-finding search engine to identify those at risk of liver disease.

We believe that the NHS has the potential to become a National Wellbeing Service. That’s why we’re investing time, energy, and resources into developing simple, data-driven search tools which subvert the norms of medicine and will see the doctor coming to you, not vice versa.

We believe that liver disease doesn’t attract the attention it deserves, even though it’s the fifth most common cause of preventable early death in the UK today. That’s why we’re focusing on liver disease to start with as we develop the world’s first case-finding search engine technology.

We believe that technology should be our slave and not our master. That’s why our tools are simple and straightforward to use, providing immediate benefits and results. 

We believe that inflexible IT systems and outdated data management protocols are among the leading causes of preventable death in the UK today. That’s why we’ve developed a case-finding search engine for liver disease to give GPs and clinicians the data they need, when they need it, in digestible and useable formats.

We believe that healthcare IT systems should be as intuitive and easy to use as Rightmove or AirBnB. That’s why our plug-and-play case-finding search engine requires no training and has no manual.

We believe that innovation is most effective when individuals with different skill sets work together. That’s why our three company directors are a clinician, a healthcare IT expert, and an NHS director.

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