What is liver disease?

Liver disease is one of the top five causes of early, preventable death in the UK. Last year, it claimed the lives of 26,000 people before their time, and 100,000 years of lost life annually with a £6bn burden – fully 5% of the NHS budget. Yet liver disease is a silent, stealthy condition that often only reveals itself when it’s too late to treat.

Because it is often symptom-free, patients with the condition often present when it’s too late for effective treatment. But now, thanks to a pioneering partnership of clinical expertise, healthcare IT know-how, and NHS experience, there is a new tool available in the UK that’s taking the fight to the liver disease. The new HepatoSIGHT case-finding search engine from Predictive Health Intelligence helps doctors identify patients who may be at risk of non-alcoholic liver disease, simply, quickly, securely. 

There are many different kinds of liver disease. You can read more about them on the British Liver Trust website here.

You can also find more information about Liver disease on the NHS website here.

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