Ending the late diagnosis of chronic liver disease.

Our aim is to improve the health of the nation, one preventable case at a time.

Introducing hepatoSIGHTTM

hepatoSIGHTTM is a case-finding search engine that uses existing data to identify people at risk of liver disease early.

The system is designed for ease. Thanks to an intuitive interface, training isn’t required. It allows users to search thousands of patients within seconds, giving fast results and can be fully customised.

For healthcare professionals

hepatoSIGHTTM gives doctors and researchers the power to improve care for liver patients.

It can quickly risk stratify a population to find those with early signs of disease, enabling intervention. The system can also help find those suitable for enrolment in research studies.

For patients

hepatoSIGHTTM is a new way of finding liver disease earlier, sometimes before symptoms appear. Similar to a screening programme, we are helping to find people who might be at risk.

Their doctor can then take action and stop more advanced disease from developing.

Latest news and updates

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